Thursday, July 9, 2009

More Camper Posts

Again, this week we want to share some of the things our campers are doing and writing about!

Rain, Emily Burnham
On some day, we had an outdoor dance party in the rain with Cedar Lodge. It was fun! Then we all took hot showers. YAY!!

How to play Pass The Cup
1. Clap 2x
2. Tap the cup
3. Clap
4. Pick it up and set it down
5. Clap
6. Swipe your hand and set the open end against your hand
7. Set it down
8. Hand it to yourself
9. Put your hand down
10. Pass to the next person

First 2 Weeks, Alex Wyeth
My first two weeks at High Trails were fun and eventful. During the first week I rode a new horse, Justin, had a water fight, and learned where more states are (California). During the second week, We played a hardcore game of Capture the Flag, bonded with cabinmates, had fun in drama, saw deer, and heard coyotes. Overall, Sanborn has been amazing and super fun!

First 2 Weeks, Catherine Shepherd 
I just finished my first two weeks at High Trails. Since it doesn't rain very much in California, I love to see the rain. Here, it rains a lot. I love it when it thunders and lightnings! Yesterday, it hailed! A few days ago they picked us up in vans for dinner because there was a storm. It was really fun! I love the rain!

Overnight Trips, Mariah LeBeau
When we were on a horse overnight, we saw cows and rounded them up until they were on a hill. When we were on our cabinside overnight, my friend and I couldn't sleep, so we told each other stories. 

Riding, Gloria Deignan
I take riding lessons for my Saturday Special and I got to ride the most amazing horse! Usually, I ride a white mare called Cirrus. This Saturday I got to ride Tiny!! One of the biggest horses I know. He's supposed to be difficult to ride, but I loved him and requested him!!

Cabin Bonding, Jessie Foreman
Half way through the week, Ponderosa West lost a pet inch worm. Luckily, Cedar Lodge West had a kind heart to make them happy. Soon the girls in Ponderosa West were dancing! The next day Ponderosa West decided Cedar Lodge West were their bcffl (best camp friends for life)! One of the girls said, "Their awesome bcffl!" So now they always say, "hi," walk to each other's cabin, do make-up, and more! And now they are bfffffff (best friends forever forever forever forever forever forever)!

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