Sunday, June 28, 2009

Camper Posts

We're going to share a couple of stories that our campers wrote about the last week at camp. During an activity this week they wrote down their ideas and memories of trips and all-camp activities. As you can tell, we have been very busy in our first two weeks of camp!


Mueller Ranch by Clara Butler

On Wednesday, June 24, 2009, 2 girls and 2 counselors went on an all-day trip to Mueller Ranch. Mueller Ranch is a state park where animals can take refuge. The scenery was truly amazing; you could see Pikes Peak to its full extent. Everything in Mueller Ranch is completely wild, so children are kept close to adults, because of bears. It is so full of wild animals and flowers that would be hard to find anywhere else. We rock scrambled, explored secret trails, and just looked at the views. When we got to the top of the rocks we scrambled on, we ate lunch and just looked at the amazing view. In my entire life, I've never seen a view as beautiful as that one. You could see everything: ponds, valleys, mountains, and even wild animals. 

All in all, it was an incredible day; I couldn't have asked for a better one.


Miss Sanborn by Elena Wirth and Jessie For,am

On Wednesday night High Trails Ranch for girls hosted the 1st session 2009 Miss Sanborn Pageant. The contestants were Chit Giving Cowgirl from Juniper West, Gardening Mama from Juniper East, The Energizer Bunny from Ponderosa West, Gymkhana Mama from Ponderosa East, Tony the Tiger from Silver Spruce West, the Sanborn Yodeler from Silver Spruce East, and the High Trails Store from Cedar Lodge West. On the South Ridge, we had Duct Tape from Crystal Palace West, Patty the iPod from Crystal Palace East, Pita Pizza from Kinnikinnik West, Fanny Fire from Kinnikinnik East, Nelson and his squirrel were from Columbine, and from Gold Hut we had Cheryl. But there could only be one winner and it was...

Duct Tape was 1st session Miss Sanborn.


Miss Sanborn by Abby Klonsinski

On Wednesday, June 24, the annual Miss Sanborn Pageant was held. All the contestants and cabinsides were eager to get started. Everyone put on a wonderful performance and had great talents, but in the end there was only one winner. It took time and the judges had a hard time deciding the winner, but Miss Duct Tape took the gold and is now the new Miss Sanborn. She had an amazing performance and was very quick with answering her hard questions. Although everyone had their hearts set on winning, it seem that they were fine with Miss Duct Tape being the winner. Not only was there a Miss Sanborn, but a runner-up, Cheryl from Wisconsin; a second runner-up, Nelson Fitzgerald and his ninja squirrel; A Miss Universe, the Sanborn Yodeler; and two other finalists, Miss Pita Pizza and Miss Gardening Mama. Everyone had a wonderful time and is looking forward to next year.


Miss Sanborn by Kylie Archer

At High Trails, the competition was fierce. Some of the contestants were Tony the Tiger, the Energizer Bunny, the Pita Pizza, Patty the iPod, and the Sanborn Yodeler. But in the end, Mrs. Duct Tape was crowned Mrs. Sanborn. Mrs. Duct Tape (Beth) was the obvious choice with her easy and efficient uses. Mrs. Duct Tape’s talents include: fixing broken bones, patching up canoes, quieting the ninja squirrels, and preventing car accidents.


P-Dubz Cabinside Overnight by Lizzie Harris, Kiara Brothers, and Antonia A.R.

Beyond A-Bluff (aka Ladybug Village) was very fun! We played Whiffle Ball and created our skit. Our JC, Evy, fell in love with a rock. That rock went through a lot that day. He married Evy, he won a wet t-shirt contest, and his wife “died” in the circle of death. After his many adventures, he died a gory death of being split in two by a stick. A Pine tree branch fell on him while he was “sleeping.” We could not start a fire because it was too windy. Ranger Ryan started it for us. We slept outside under the stars. Some of us saw 30 shooting stars. Antonia saw the Big Dipper. Then we ate Breakfast Crepes and went back to camp.


Capture the Flag Overnight by Sarah Covington

Last night I was on the Capture the Flag overnight. My team won, but we tied the other team because it was starting to rain and lightning. We got in the tents and sat in lightning position. Then Savannah, Clare, and I sang High School Musical. Abby helped us start the songs while she read. We had cold Pita Pizzas because it was raining. The van came and got us so we slept in Heisler Hall. We made s’mores and hot chocolate. Then we went to sleep. In the morning we ate Breakfast Crepes in the fireplace. It was AWESOME!!!


Art Barn by Georgia Evans and Eve Ozog

Have you gone down to the Art Barn? Well if you haven’t, you’re crazy, girl! There is sooo much to do like…

Paint, make pottery, nature activities, bracelets, candles, stepping stones, bracelet weaving, masks, watercolor postcards, and cool collages. And who may you ask is the creator of this “art palace”?! Miss Joyce Maier of course!! “She is very nice. She is fun and crafty,” says Jessie from Ponderosa West. As well as being crafty indoors, you can be crafty outdoors and still have fun, like flower pressing and flowered pinecones. Whatever you do and wherever you do it, art in the Art Barn is ALWAYS fantastic!!:) 

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