Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tuesday Afternoon at High Trails

Our second group of Mountain Ridge students arrived safe and happy this morning. They moved into their cabins and have already been playing games as a cabin group with their High Trails staff leaders.

Everyone enjoyed a good lunch of sandwiches, homemade chicken and rice soup, and freshly made ginger cookies. There were not many leftovers on any table!

At 3 this afternoon the students will go on their first discovery group, Setting the Mood. They will play sensory awareness games, find their special spots, and enjoy nature around the High Trails property.

If you want to check out pictures of our facilities and the activities your child will be partaking in this week, please click on the link to our camp Web site and High Trails Web site. Check back tonight and throughout the rest of the week for updates on how the 6th graders are doing!


  1. Hey Sarvani

    Happy to hear you are having a great time.Dont forget to take pictures of you and your friends.Cant wait to see more updates.
    We love you.

    Mom, Dad, and Aditya.

  2. Anjel,

    I glad you got there safe. I hope you have a great time and really enjoy yourself. We love you.

    Mom, Jess, Gina, Rae, B and Izzy

  3. Hey Danielle & Eric Goering--- We are glad you got there safely!!! We miss you both & have TONS--OH--FUN!!! LOTS of HUGS & KISSES MOM & DAD Jason James Ellie Dino

  4. Hi Zachary! Have a great time! We miss you already!!
    Love you!!
    Dad, Mom and Ryan..Sammy and JR too!!

  5. Hi Yosie,
    Steeler says "hi". Hope you are having loads of fun!
    Hugs and stuff,
    Ima, Lev and Eitan

  6. Hi Fischer, Have a great time....I am going to be up there tomorrow having fun fishing. I will be thinking of you while I drive by. Dad

  7. Hi Fischer, It's Mom...I am not worried about you because I know your are having fun with your friends and enjoying new experiences. Take lots of pictures. Love you forever, Mom

  8. Hi Kori,
    We miss you already, but we know you're having a great time! Take tons of pictures to share and have fun!
    Love Mom, Frank, Kia and Gracie

  9. Hi Bryan and Arden!
    Glad to hear you made it safe! Hope you are taking lots of pictures and having fun with your friends! It looks like the perfect weather for the week! Stay happy while you are hiking!

    Lots of love to you both, Mom, Dad, Anne and Nathan

  10. Greg and Mary CaicedoNovember 3, 2009 at 10:36 PM

    Bridger -
    Just wanted to let you know 3rd Person Man was victorious this weekend. Have a great time!

    Dad and Mom

  11. Collin-
    What great weather you are having. We hope that you are having a fantastic time!

    Mom and Dad

  12. Hey Collin!

    You sure lucked out with the weather this week! Are the cabins truly heated?!
    See you this weekend!

    Grandma & Mindy

  13. Mom, Dad and AmandaNovember 4, 2009 at 2:59 PM

    Hi Tyler, hope you are having a great time. Sure is quiet around here! take care and have fun.

    P.S. Are you the one that left your chicken and rice soup? j/k

    Miss you and see you Friday.

  14. Hi Collin,
    The place where you are looks like it would really be fun. Do you ride horses? When I got your text message I misunderstood and thought you were leaving in two days and not 2day. Anyway, have a good time and I hope we will see you soon.

    Pp a Mm

  15. Hi Morgan,

    Hope you are having a great time! We miss you and can't wait to see you on Friday. Mom, Dad, Brianna, & Brady

  16. Hi Andrew Rothenbury,it is soo quiet around here,it feels like a very special little man is missing.We all love you very much.Mom,Dad,Caitlyn,Chris,Rachael,Miranda,and Toby.

  17. Hi Brady Morse! I miss you but I bet you are having the greatest time up there with your buddies. See you soon! Love, Mom.