Thursday, May 7, 2009

How Does Technology Fit into the Traditional Summer Camp Experience?

We hear all the time about the benefits of a traditional summer camp and how important it is to show children what life can be like in an unplugged, natural world. There's no question that these camps serve as an opportunity for parents to allow their children to thrive in an environment filled with natural wonders and very few technological stimulants, but can these camps survive without also embracing the constantly evolving technology of today's modern world?

In an age where newspapers are going out of business and print advertising is becoming increasingly ineffective, any business that hopes to be able to market their product or service seemingly must embrace the opportunities that the internet provides. Whether it's a blog, twitter updates, a Facebook fan page, an interactive website, podcasts or youtube videos, there are endless opportunities to get your brand name out onto the World Wide Web and directly to the people who may be looking for the services that your business provides. In fact, this may be the best place to market to those whose children may benefit the most from an experience without the unlimited access and instant gratification of the Internet.

The question becomes then, how do these camps keep separate the business side of their operations that demand a full understanding of the technology available to them while still providing an experience for the kids that showcases a world where the importance of technology melts away as the magesty of the natural world takes over?

It's a question that all traditional camps seem to be wrestling with these days, and one that is unlikely to be answered any time soon, but I believe it will be possible to eventually find a balance.

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